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OptimalQ integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 guides sales teams to connect with leads at the right time

Toby Bowers, General Manager for Business Apps at Microsoft

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, September 30, 2020 – OptimalQ, a leader in the Science of Availability™,  announced a strategic deal with Microsoft today to help organizations improve their sales efficiency through AI and machine learning-recommended call and contact time slots. Through this partnership, customers are enabled to deploy OptimalQ’s platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 without any effort, giving their sales team the edge, they need to initiate contact and close the sale.

“Research shows that the first sales team to have a meaningful conversation with a customer makes the sale 50% of the time. The challenge for sales teams is recognizing the right time and channel to reach out to their prospects. OptimalQ improves agent efficiency and sales effectiveness by guiding the call and channel used to reach customers,” said Yadin Haut, CEO and co-founder of OptimalQ. “We are very excited about this deal with Microsoft, which will make our platform more accessible to sales teams around the globe.”

OptimalQ seamlessly integrates the Science of Availability directly into the sales process, requiring no changes or training from the sales team. It takes enterprise contact information and processes the data through its AI engine. Then, it provides sales team members with the best time to reach out, and advises on whether to call, text, or email. A/B testing has demonstrated 45% increase in customers reached, 30% increase in conversions, and overall higher agent efficiency.

“Microsoft welcomes OptimalQ into the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem and will offer its Digital Adoption Platform to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers and partners,” said Toby Bowers, General Manager for Business Apps at Microsoft. “By integrating its solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365, OptimalQ offers a unique, innovative solution that focuses on sales agent efficiency by analyzing and understanding the end customer to organizations around the world.”

About OptimalQ

OptimalQ is leading the way in the Science of Availability™, which uses AI and machine learning to ensure that you reach out to customers when they are physically and mentally available. Using AI and machine learning algorithms, OptimalQ identifies and analyzes user behavior, and translates it into availability insights that can predict the most effective times to engage with leads and customers.

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Also published in Yahoo Finance